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The Cross Border Chatroulette Summit is an opportunity to meet, greet, share with and learn from our generation’s leaders as we strive to build a better future, together.  

Join fellow Gen Y leaders for this first-ever cross-border video chat summit, and meet the people who are using the Internet to change the world.


In the age of the social web, in which Twitter wins elections and Facebook inspires revolution, we are only now beginning to discover the power of the Internet to shape the future’s course. The Global Shapers forum invites you to participate in a conversation about the influence of the Internet on global movements, political structures, and the nature of cross-border dialogue. Get to know some of the people who are innovating new forms of communication, promoting shared language, and even possibly forging peace.

How it works:

The Cross-Border Chatroulette Summit is the first time members of Global Shapers will be able to video chat in real time with participants from all over the world. Introductions will be made with an emphasis on participants from countries in conflict. The online platform enables real, immediate one-on-one conversations between generation leaders from different regions, nationalities, and backgrounds. Communications are by default anonymous, though there will be an option to share identities and connect as friends on Facebook – and in real life.


We've partnered with PeaceTube, a not-for-profit initiative that has developed a technological platform to promote one-on-one, anonymous conversations between different people from countries in conflict in order to build mutual understanding and dialogue.

See you there!

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